Alan Parsons in Nashville, TN Oct 27th, 2007

How This Day Actually Turned Out - page 2

When it was my turn, Alan looked up at me and said "Thanks for asking some intelligent questions". I then handed him the booklet to my first Ambrosia CD, opened to the page I thought best for the autograph as seen below:

By now most attendees either left for the day or were scouting out a quick lunch, planning to return. So there I stood with Alan P as he considered all of the city names on SAE banner and wondered aloud "is that a real place?" I suggested it could be a typo. <g>

    [NOTE: I later learned that Ljubljana is the capitol of Slovenia]

Now that I had the autograph and some wonderful chat time with AP himself, I had to decide whether to stick around or split. Innocently I asked, "So Alan... what were you planning to play in terms of surround music this afternoon?" (I'd figured it was DSOTM which we've all heard before)

"Actually I did have a few DSOTM cues but I also brought xxxxxxxxxxxx..."   RED ALERT! This is not commercially available in 5.1!

I try not to stutter... "uh, the whole album?"

"No just one track.... but we also did xxxxxxxxxxxx..."

Then Alan says he is going to find his wife for a quick lunch. To hell with lunch I thought, I'm not leaving this room!!!

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