Alan Parsons in Nashville, TN Oct 27th, 2007

Questions disclaimer: The first session was a pretty quiet group so I stood out. I asked my questions in the 1st session only as 2nd session was spent trying to get 5.1 working. 2nd session seemed to have more Nashville studio guys asking about specific mics and gear. These questions are by no means exhaustive (just from memory) and there is certainly better information available, just wanted to provide a better picture of the day.

Discussion / Q&A    The Beatles

Q. How long did it take for The Beatles to warm up to you?

A. "My position was rather menial position to start with, making tea, fetching things as needed for the studio and then eventually becoming a tape operator in the room next to the control room. There wasnít a lot of interaction at first but it grew over time."

Q. What had to be done to actually record at the studio in Apple headquarters?

A. "Well, Magic Alex as some of you know didn't build The Beatles a recording studio in the Apple building as expected. So when they showed up to do some recording it quickly became apparent they'd been had. So it was up to Abbey Road to save the day."

Q. Were you in attendance at the Let It Be rooftop concert?

A. "Yes but I was usually standing behind the photographer, so Iím rarely seen in pictures of the event. The Beatles decided that they were too clinical in their records with many overdubs and such. They felt it was time to strip all that away and play live together for the first time in years. When they made such decisions it was up to everyone else around them to make it happen. My role was to be sure that the cabling from the studio in the basement up five flights of stairs actually worked properly for recording."



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